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Dr. Kumavor



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Integrated Vacuum and Heating System for Microfluidic Chip Flow

The current system at AtlasXomics for regulating pressure on microfluidic chips relies solely on manual user inputs. This involves tuning an adjustable mechanical pressure regulator and monitoring the pressure gauge. Unfortunately, the manual approach is vulnerable to user errors. Our project is to develop a microcontroller-based system that will enable precise control of the pressure and temperature on the microfluidic chip. The advanced features of the new system will enable users to maintain the required testing conditions with higher accuracy and more convenience. By leveraging the microcontroller's ability to provide precise control over electrical devices, we can enhance the system's capabilities significantly. Moreover, the microcontroller's firmware can be updated by code patches, enabling additional hardware functionalities that might not be currently implemented or improving already released features. We will work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the new system meets the specifications of the microfluidic chip and conduct extensive testing to ensure its proper functioning. Once implemented, the new system will significantly improve the testing processes by minimizing user errors and increasing accuracy, leading to better results overall.

Our team collaborated with Electrical and Computer Engineering 23 on this project.