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Biomedical Engineering
Team 12

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Ryan McGlynn
Kimberly Nguyen
Julia Warnken

Bin Feng, Hugo Posada-Quintero


Biomedical Engineering

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This project proposes the idea of redesigning the conventional thermal grills in order to more effectively simulate pain. The conventional design of the thermal grill consists of pipes pumping hot and cold water alternatively for a sensation of pain upon the subject. The new designs consist of spiral shaped metal and circular focus points with the same alternative pattern but different temperature-regulating mechanisms. Heat will be generated through Joule heating while cooling is stimulated through peltier devices. With the use of the thermal grill illusion, pain will be studied in a more ethical method to further the research of pain measurements. The device aims to provide further data recordings for the discovery of a prominent biosensor when interpreting the pain receptors responding to the sensation of pain.