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Biomedical Engineering
Team 22

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Maisha Azam
Mariam Hafez
Dana Hamed
Michael Parnas
Rachel Passaro

Kazunori Hoshino


Biomedical Engineering

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The group is using in vitro experimentation related to culturing neurons on collagen-filled silk scaffolds in order to most accurately mimic cortical brain tissue and reduce the use of in vivo traumatic brain injury (TBI) testing. Fabricated scaffolds are housed in the constructed incubator, surrounded by the filtration hood, and cultured for extended periods of time under standard cell culture conditions of 5% CO2? and? 37 °C. After the development of sufficient neuronal networks within the scaffolds, the group will perform mechanical trauma experimentation with the force applicator while a high-speed camera records the damage done by the micro-hammer. Displacement along the scaffold can be tracked from multiple video frames. With these results, strain mapping can be completed with correlation to the associated neural network damage.