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Biomedical Engineering
Team 5

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Haining Li
Yiren Zhou

Sabato Santaniello



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Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) are a disease mainly caused by trauma, stress disor- ders, or depression. The symptoms of PNES are very similar to epileptic seizures, which usually lead to mis- diagnosing and thus result in ineffective treatments. These limitations can be refined by a relaxing EEG- based biofeedback system. This system contains a headset product to acquire and process EEG data in real-time and a new gaming app for Android plat- forms that positively reinforces the players based on the neural feedback provided by the EEG. The gaming part related to the subject’s reaction, and based on their performance, the application would change accordingly and hence, easing their stress. The design concept of our game is determined after a comprehensive searching on how to relax people. By using an EEG signal detector headset, we are able to obtain brainwaves from PNES patients and transform them into attention and meditation values. These inputs are crucial parameters for our game to be an EEG-based biofeedback system. The game will be changing its diffi- culty according to the user’s performance. Therefore, these feedback helps the player reduce their stress by providing ease when he/she is stressed. Constantly play- ing this game, patients can reduce the occurrence of PNES.