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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Team 17

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Annie Keary
Brianna Mancuso
Mike Schaefer
Sam Segiet

Douglas Cooper


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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The craft spirits market has great potential as shown by the recent craft beer industry boom. We present Whaler White Whiskey, a craft moonshine distillery that will be designed for production, facility tours, and tastings in Stamford, Connecticut. Our goal is to output 500 gallons a week of traditional and specialty moonshine flavors using local raw materials. Ingredients will be stored on-site then fermented through a batch process to eight percent alcohol by volume. After, the fermented intermediate will be distilled in a two stage distillation process. The fermentation and distillation processes were modeled to determine the outlet streams and energy requirements. Quality specifications will ensure safe production of a consistent forty percent alcohol by volume product. Our product will be bottled then sold on-site and through local vendors. Process economics were calculated to predict startup costs and feasibility. Become a Whaler and let your tastebuds experience our moonshine today!