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Civil Engineering
Team 16

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Stephanie Kreitler
Anaka Maher
Susie Moon Monda
Daniel Rodier

Nicholas Lownes


Town of Thompson

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Thompson is working to revitalize the once-thriving downtown district, and regain neighborhood cohesion. One of their revitalization initiatives is this senior design project, their new “Pop-Up Vendor Village,” debuting in the near future at the town’s Riverside Park. DASSigns was tasked with the design and layout of the vendor village to cater to the residents of Thompson. Each of the chalet designs has been inspired by a historical building from each of the ten different villages within Thompson, working together with the Thompson Historical Society to ensure that the town’s historical charm is well represented in the final park. To further guarantee the success of the revitalized Riverside Park, DASSigns has also expanded the scope of the project to include added signage and transportation improvements to the site to increase accessibility and add an element of placemaking. With a vendor village that matches Thompson's character, a transportation network that connects the park to the rest of the town center, and added amenities to enhance the attractiveness of the park and the village, Thompson will have the opportunity to regain a sense of a proper downtown and provide flexible opportunities for local businesses to have their own storefronts. In conjunction with the ongoing effort to readapt the nearby historic River Mill, this project is a step towards Thompson’s future.