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Civil Engineering
Team 18

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Quinn Becotte
Kays Cetin
Maximillian Grant
Samuel McCollum

Charles Elias, Shinae Jang


Mattern Construction Inc.

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CTDOT has determined Bridge No. 02698 is in need of replacement. Adjacent to the intersection of Route 49 and Clark Falls Road in North Stonington, CT, the bridge provides vehicle and pedestrian access over the Pendleton Hill Brook. In its initial state, the bridge was determined to be in poor condition and hydraulically inadequate for being in a Flood Hazard Zone A. Therefore, it was determined that the bridge span needed to be widened to accommodate the larger flow rates while still remaining a viable transit route. The objective of this project is to design and implement an adequate replacement that services the needs of the community, while also being designed with efficiency and durability in mind. To do this, we conducted an initial site analysis to determine the criteria and constraint of our design. Multiple site visits and research of public information about the land such as soil conditions, traffic statistics, and general topography were conducted. Utilizing SAP2000 and AutoCAD, the cofferdam, bridge deck cross-section, and supporting structures were designed while taking erosion control and foundation design philosophy into consideration. Furthermore, we conducted an in-depth structural analysis to determine design capacity and adequacy. A cost estimate, traffic rerouting for the replacement phase, and life cycle control analysis were also provided.