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Xinyu Lin
Kevin Ortiz
Quinn Packer
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John Ivan


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The Town of Simsbury expresses concern for the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles on Notch Road, a through road between West Mountain Road and Route 44 in Simsbury, CT. In particular, the intersection of West Mountain and Notch Road meet at an angle far greater than the standard of 70 degrees. This leads to faster speeds and poor visibility while using the intersection. The road currently serves as a connector for the Farmington River Trail, a popular bicycle route. Our team of engineers have been trained in transportation problem solving both through relevant coursework and employment opportunities. Larry Murphy from Jacobs Engineering served as our mentor in developing a design to improve the overall safety of Notch Road. Our updated design provides a safer route for cyclists and pedestrians and follows best practices by using AASHTO, CTDOT and Town of Simsbury codes, NACTO and FHWA bicycle safety guides, and drainage, utility, and roundabouts design guides. Informed by site visits, technical guidelines, and decision analysis, our design plan utilizes roundabouts and bike lines to reduce the speed of traffic and increase safety for non-vehicular road users while minimizing cost and environmental impact. Our final set of plans involves vertical and horizontal alignment plans made utilizing ArcGIS and AutoCAD software.