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Computer Science and Engineering
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Jordan Beecher
Mason DiCicco
Kristian Huber
Lauren Moore
Alex O'Neill

Seung-Hyun Hong


East Hartford Public Schools

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The testing and application process for colleges is expensive and lengthy by itself, but it is not the end of the journey. Once accepted, students, especially those from low income families, must struggle to acquire the funds be able to pay for college. Our goal to solve this problem is to create a website that is simple and intuitive and gives students accurate and applicable scholarships. Once they have a narrowed down list, our website will help create an essay to apply for each scholarship by asking questions that guide the student in the direction of a compelling story. At the end of this project, any high school student should be able to use this website and find more scholarships to apply to and submit better applications that will increase their chances of winning more awards. The front-end sections are user interface and design, scholarship display, and account information. The back-end sections are server code/information flow, database management/web scraping tool. The front-end is written JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Those files are handled by the server code. The server uses the NodeJS framework and the website itself is hosted on Amazon’s Web Services. The database that stores all of our scholarship information is MongoDB. All of these components come together to set up our website to simplify scholarship searching.