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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 12

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Cameron Farrell
Thomas Fauci
Araceliz Maree Gomes
David Motta
Charles Sampson

Seung-Hyun Hong



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Our project is to create a repricing engine for Logicbroker. Logicbroker is a company that connects brands and retailers through their cloud based platform by using Dropship Technology to help manufacturers manage and advertise their inventories. The first part of our project is to create a program that interacts with Logicbroker’s API to fill in the missing product information in 3 steps: 1) find items with missing information in their system, 2) automatically searches the web for missing data, and 3) updates the missing information in Logicbroker’s system. The second part and main focus of our project is a product repricing engine. For a given product, the program presents the user with repricing options, such as price x% below average. Users select an option and provide information through our GUI, so that prices can be found online using the methods we developed in part one. The program calculates the recommended price based on the pricing rules and displays it to the user. A user interface was developed so that a user can interactively run the program.