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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 15

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Jonathan Ardolino
Mike Huynh
Jeff Shi
Zachary Wahrman
Jack Wohl

Dong-Guk Shin


Diameter Health

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The objective of this project is to help Diameter Health customers to better understand and visualize the benefits and improvements that their enriched and normalized data has. Currently, Fusion's visualizations are taken directly from a document-oriented NoSQL database, which doesn't perform well for aggregate reporting. The goal is to create a data pipeline from the current MongoDB database to a new analytical reporting source, and further improve the user experience by adapting the current visualizations and redesigning the UI to help customers appreciate the value of their patient data. Various tools were used in redesigning the application: ReactJS, MongoDB, Python, Apache Superset, Apache Druid. React JS is used for the redesigned front end that includes the embedded analytic visualizations from Apache Superset. The data pipeline takes data from MongoDB and transforms and moves it using Python into Apache Druid, the data source that Apache Superset reads from.