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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 19

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Donna Agogliati
Alexander Barone
Adrian Cruz
Daniel Ruskin

Jacob Scoggin


Connecticut GMIS

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The Town of Manchester commissioned our team to create a mobile app for reporting cybersecurity incidents. Historically, state and local government officials have failed to efficiently report active cybersecurity incidents to relevant stakeholders in a timely manner. It is illustrative that, when an incident is noticed, officials must manually notify a wide variety of incident response managers. It takes a large amount of time to gather the stakeholders’ contact information and send custom messages to each one. This time could be better spent on addressing the incident. Accordingly, our team has been instructed to automate this task with a mobile app. Our mobile app will be used by stakeholders across the state of Connecticut. All IT system users and managers will be provided with an account. These individuals will then use our app to report cybersecurity incidents as they occur. When an incident is created or updated, automated e-mail and SMS notifications will be sent to all relevant stakeholders. Our app will serve as an authoritative source of information for all stakeholders. Stakeholders will refer to our app at all stages of the incident response process. Specifically, with our app, stakeholders will learn about new cybersecurity incidents, monitor the progress of mitigative measures, and identify/contact incident owners.