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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 23

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Nick Chan
Greg Foss
Matt Scalzo
Nate Shaw

Steven Demurjian


Computer Science and Engineering

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The Sensory Biofeedback System is a wearable set of hardware that collects 3D environmental data and processes it to help a user navigate their environment with impaired vision. The intended use is for firefighters navigating through a burning building performing search and rescue and helping them with disorientation. The Sensory Biofeedback System gives tactile feedback through a belt embedded with several tactor motors that can relay valuable information such as where the firefighter is in the building and their orientation. The firefighter can provide input to the system through a button box that creates a path of virtual breadcrumbs which can be deleted, allowing the system to direct them to the previous one to retrace their steps. The firefighter will wear a backpack with a computer inside connected to all the different components and a belt wrapped around his/her waist with 16 vibration motors (tactors), that communicate the feedback essentially creating a ‘vibration compass’ like mechanism.