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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 25

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Amin Ahmadi
Mark Chastain
Jackson Royce
Saranya Tadikonda

Dong-Guk Shin


Avitus Orthopaedics, Inc

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Avitus Orthopaedics requires a mobile phone app to create a seamless transmission of data between the company and its sales representatives. This app will contain promotional material for the company’s representatives to utilize when pitching the company’s products to potential customers. The app will also allow its representatives to email promotional material to potential customers so that customers can access this material on their own time. Another feature of the app is enabling sales representatives to access the current inventory management system, take a picture of any documents and upload the image to the application. However, this app is not only targeted towards the employees of Avitus but also customers or potential future customers of the company by offering other useful features. One such feature is providing the company’s scheduling information such as the date, time, and location, of future, current or past medical conferences that Avitus will be attending. Another feature is providing forms that can be filled out in the application, similar to how online forms are filled out in web applications. Finally, the application will also be able to schedule an upcoming surgery that utilizes Avitus Orthopaedics products and allow customers to contact an Avitus representative for real-time assistance using an instant messaging feature, similar to slack.