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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 27

Team Members

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Andrew Canova
Nick Hajek
Rishi Mehta
Michelle Tsun

Seung-Hyun Hong



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Veeder-Root is a fuel management technology company, specializing in automatic fuel tank gauges. Team 27’s task is to create a software solution that manages a group of automatic fuel tank gauges over the internet. The software both collects data and issues polling commands to the gauges remotely. This project leverages Python’s Flask web framework to implement a web application, with which Veeder-Root’s engineers can retrieve and analyze gas tank data. A gauge controller program, loaded onto a single-board computer located on-site, is utilized to record gas tank data incrementally and store it to the cloud via Amazon Web Services. The web application then fetches data from the cloud database storage and presents it to the end user in .CSV format. Engineers can also manage the gauge devices remotely using the web application’s graphical user interface. Team 27 succeeded in creating a system that improves workflow efficiency through remote management of the gauges, obviating the need for engineers to travel to customers and physically interact with the gauge units on-site.