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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 3

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Anthony D'Andrea
Ethan Hanna
Xiangyu He
Michael Lu
Katherine Riedling

Jinbo Bi



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CGI is an IT and business consulting company that provides an array of infrastructure, analytics, and data management services for a variety of companies. The purpose of this project is to address entity resolution in the healthcare domain with respect to record retention. This has become an increasingly relevant topic with the rising usage of digital documentation services and concerns about data privacy. The motivation behind this solution is to understand how logical entities can be identified in a heterogeneous collection of databases with sufficient reliability. We seek to ensure that the correct records are expunged safely and accurately from any system. This software tool searches through available databases that contain some unknown collection of attributes and attribute values, and determines the relationships between different fields by applying a combination of deterministic and probabilistic methods on data containing errors, inconsistencies, or missing values. The user interface will then display these results. However, we are operating on the assumption that there will be a key-identifying attribute that will always remain correct, such as social security numbers.