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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 30

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Aakash Balaji
Ryan Marsh
Wilder Perera
Keyur Shah

Wei Wei



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Synchrony is working to continue leading the competitive financial industry by delivering innovative and intuitive banking experiences for their customers. Based on the convenience and growing popularity of voice enabled devices, Synchrony partnered with our team to develop a personal banking application for the Google Nest Hub, a smart speaker with a display. Our application allows customers to view their financial data by simply asking their Google Assistant. Our application includes features such as viewing account details, recent payments, transactions, and PIN based authentication. We developed the application using Synchrony’s existing voice API, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Google Actions, Dialogflow, and Firebase. This application provides the consumer with a hassle-free, and hands-free, way to manage their financial accounts. It represents a continuation of Synchrony’s strategy to innovate by leveraging cutting-edge hardware and software tools.