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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 6

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Griffin Freiberg
Samantha Hunsley
Daniel Scalzi
Johnny Sit

Joseph Johnson


Lockheed Martin

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We spent our time working on a proof of concept for an updated file navigation system for Lockheed Martin which offers a 3D file navigation system in addition to the more traditional tree-based file navigation. Currently, Lockheed Martin is using a file navigation system based on a traditional tree structure. This can require users to learn the file system’s structure as well as memorize part numbers prior to utilizing the system. Our project’s solution increases the rate of productivity by making the navigation system more intuitive. Personnel are able to open up the web application, and more easily access the information they need from the 3D model. We created a web application hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) that allows users to view a 3D model of an object and its parts using standard tree controls. Some benefits of this new system are the reduction of training time required for usage and a more intuitive approach to finding the necessary information within the system.