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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 9

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Benjamin Buchanan
Aaron Hill
Daniel Toby
Elizabeth Turano
Dingchen Yan

Jacob Scoggin


Interface Technologies

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The global textile industry is one of the largest consumer goods industries in the world. As the global population continues to grow, the company Interface Technologies (IT) realized a glaring problem in global clothing manufacturing industry. There exists a lack of technological innovation. This has resulted in manufacturers going outside of the United States rather than utilizing automation to lower manufacturing costs. IT has developed software to automate much of the garment production process and is currently working on developing an algorithm to optimize the scheduling of the process. Currently, a cutting room manager decides how to prioritize what order raw material is cut. The prioritization can be based on the size of the order, the order deadline, the space available in the cutting room and many other factors. Much of this process is passed down from one manager to the next. IT estimates that an algorithmic scheduler could increase efficiency up to 30%. The algorithm works to optimize the due date of a garment order, amount of material needed to prioritize the orders in a manner more efficient than the way it is typically done. This algorithm has been created by IT and implemented by a senior design team at The University of Connecticut.