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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2001

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Dominick Hollister
Riley Lyke

John Chandy



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Together with MEM Team 05, we were tasked with helping organize data flow and analysis for a testing apparatus located on UConn’s Depot Campus. This testing apparatus is used for the accelerated testing of protective thermal barrier coatings to see their effectiveness and durability. It contains several data collection points, from gas flows to temperatures of the samples being tested. The MEM team focused on creating the database. In the meantime, we focused on editing the LabView code to accommodate the database. This involved changing the current data output into a form that the database can accept. In addition to this, the data needed to be transferred to the database in a secure manner, so local connections were used to provide this interaction. Further goals were to implement some secure industry 4.0 features. One such feature is adaptive decision making, so that if the test starts to go off target, it can correct itself. Another desired feature is the ability to monitor the sample and based off of their appearance, tell of the sample has failed.