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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2009

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Gary Chow
Marios Tahiri
Keran Wang

Lei Wang


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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The UConn Formula SAE team is a student club who design and engineer a formula styled race car to compete with other collegiate teams across the world. The team has a custom built dynamometer (dyno) to help test and tune the engine before putting it in the car. To do this, the engine and dyno have a suite of sensors to gather vital information for the team. The project calls for an upgrade to the current dyno setup. It will help the team further enhance their design and testing capabilities. The existing software uses LabView to log torque and horsepower. Our project upgrades include measuring the brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC), exhaust differential temperatures, intake pressure transients, component temperatures, and component electrical power draw. A power supply module is designed to supply auxiliary loads when the engine is not running. With this data, the team can improve engine efficiency and power.