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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2011

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Cynthia Bissereth
Jonathan Davis
Ethan McRae

Peter Luh


ISO New England

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The Generator Model Verification Result Analysis System involves both the theoretical side of evaluating various models and the practical side of implementing the analysis in a software system with a web application. Our responsibility as a member of the ECE team assigned to ISO New England's project is to develop the criteria for how each model will be ranked as well as to develop means for improving the models. The scoring engine will rank models by determining the correlation between the models response to an event with respect to the physically measured response to the same event. This will allow models to be compared to one another quantitatively in terms of their accuracy. In addition, by cross-correlating the model's response and the physical response in the time-domain, we can determine where models were adequate in predicting the physical response and thus determine which part of a model is accurate. This analysis will allow us to better determine how to improve the models.