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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2019

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Benjamin Hart
Daniel Leclerc
Rasal Talukdar

John Chandy


The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.

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Hartford Steam Boiler desires a way to monitor electric motors to assess their condition. Measuring the health of an AC motor can be invasive to the motor and detrimental to the work-flow of a company. The process of diagnosing an AC motor is invasive because it requires the motor to be isolated and subjected to testing and measurements that would not be able to be done while the motor is working in its normal functions. Being able to non-invasively analyze the health of an AC motor would allow for companies to continue production and to be able to predict when a fault will occur in their motors. The wireless sensing of an AC motor’s health will make companies be able to better detect faults within their motors, will reduce the time that a company’s production is halted, and will provide strategic planning for the maintenance and repair of their motors. The Wireless Motor Sensor project by The Hartford Steam Boiler provides a solution to the problems of invasive AC motor sensing. The Wireless Motor Sensor is able to transmit temperature, vibration, and motor on/off data via a thermocouple, accelerometer, hall sensor, and LoRaWAN to a gateway. The gateway forwards this data to TheThingsNetwork API to be displayed on a console for view. Further analysis of the data can be performed using the data from the console.