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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2021

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Camila Leyva
Truc Nguyen
Dhaval Patel

Abhishek Dutta



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Compared to conventional methods, surgical stapling is easy to use and extremely efficient. Medtronic has already designed a surgical stapler that combines three complex steps into one easy step: compression, sealing, and cutting. Besides being easy to use and efficient it also staples tissue at three different pressures that promotes blood flow into the staple line while still sealing fluid and gas contents within the tissue. However, organs are made up of different tissue types and each of these tissues have different properties. This means that each type of tissue needs to have different methods of stapling in order to optimize tissue sealing, blood flow, as well as other stapling parameters. Moreover, the health of the tissue may be compromised and require different stapling methods as well. Since the design process never ends, Medtronic has requested team 2021 to create a device that can solve this problem. Our task is to create a hand-held device that can conduct stress analysis tests on tissue and transfer the data recorded, which will eventually be used to detect the condition of the tissue. As time progressed, so has team 2021, we have conducted several simulations for the PID control system for the motor. Thus, giving us the ability to fine-tune the values of the PID. The team has also created a development board that is able to control the motor and read displacement. Although the load – cell is still in the works, the team has figured out and coded a way to transfer data through IOT for easy access.