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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2022

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

Srijan Banjara
Leah Miller
Michael Tuite

Necmi Biyikli


RSL Fiber Systems, LLC

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In partnership with RSL Fiber Systems, a joint electrical engineering and mechanical engineering team has been tasked with designing and prototyping an LED light engine. The goal of this LED device is to generate light to be carried through a fiber optic cable to a hazardous area, where EM waves could potentially be dangerous. This device would be useful for marine and industrial applications, especially on ships and service vehicles. The device contains an internal battery charging circuit, charged by a car's battery, to allow for portability. There is also the ability to have different LED dimming levels and a flashing function. The control of the driver will be done with an internal microcontroller with Bluetooth capability, allowing for user input and monitoring. All of the circuitry is fully enclosed and thus resistant to water and air, as well as shock, vibration, and EMI.