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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2024

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Colin Rook
Kamal Watt
Tommy Wen

Ashwin Dani


Agrivolution LLC

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The farming population in the U.S. is gradually aging and dwindling, but the demand for food is ever-increasing. An autonomous, smart agricultural robot that we have developed for the past two semesters would spare farmers of daily trivial chores on the farm and allow them to devote their focus on more meaningful tasks. The all-terrain, all-weather agri-robot is equipped to collect environmental data such as ambient temperature and humidity, capture images of crop abnormalities powered by a machine-vision algorithm, and alert the user of the GPS coordinates of the problem hotspots on the farm. This machine gives the farmer an extra set of eyes and ears with useful data on crop health and addresses the pending labor shortage in the farming sectors.