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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2028

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Bridget Kennedy
Brittany Smith
Matthew Sodoski

Liang Zhang


US Coast Guard Research & Development Center

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The goal of the project is to create a prototype of the 6-channel Very High Frequency Data Exchange System (VDES). This will be used for signal transmission and reception for communication in the US Coast Guard. Our current goal is to create the first two Automatic Identification System (AIS) channels. This will be programmed using Software Defined Radio. Each channel will receive and transmit signals at a specified bandwidth. The AIS system will detect ships within a 20 nautical mile range, and receive information such as size, speed, course and weather. After completion of the AIS channels, we can implement the 2 Application Specific Message (ASM) channels, which include more detailed ship information such as sea level. The remaining 2 channels, VDE, can then be implemented by the coast guard or next year’s senior design group. This will include satellite and terrestrial ship information. The end result will be a benchtop model that can be demoed by the US coast guard.