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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2030

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Clayton Ehasz
Alex Monsky
Alexander Zabbara

Sung Yeul Park


City of Hartford

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For Phase II of the Keney Clock Tower Restoration Project, ECE Senior Design Team 2030 is working with the City of Harford and Capital Preparatory Magnet School to complete the restoration of the Keney Clock Tower, located in Hartford, CT. Phase I of the project was completed by last year’s Mechanical Engineering Senior Design, where they repaired the mechanical components of the clock tower. Phase II of the project had two main objectives. First, we prepared a feasibility study investigating whether installing a system to provide renewable energy with solar panels to the clock tower and associated park lighting was economical. Second, we worked with students from Capital Preparatory School to foster learning and interest in engineering. Towards that end, we built a demo-scale model of the clock tower system with a solar panel, a charge controller, a battery backup, and an inverter. This was paired with a display panel that contained a one-line diagram as well as sensing and display components to convey information about the system in real time. This was used to teach the students how a system like the one we proposed for the clock tower would function. Finally, we engaged in mentorship events with the students to teach them about the School of Engineering and how to tackle problems with an engineering mindset.