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Environmental Engineering
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Matthew McKenna
Erica Pudvelis

Shinae Jang



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Pfizer is a leading research-based biopharmaceutical company who produces medicines surrounding the fields of cardiovascular health, metabolism, oncology, inflammation, and immunology worldwide. Its headquarters is located in New York City with a branch campus in Groton, CT, the focus for this project. The staff requested an energy consumption audit and analysis of the campus, comparing electricity, steam, and chilled water usage to determine opportunities for improved energy efficiency. The objective of the project was to develop a multi-disciplinary engineering assessment of energy and water consumption across the Pfizer Groton campus. Due to time constraints, the team chose one focus study building: Building 156 to model the process after. Using the eQuest energy simulation software, the team developed solutions surrounding these target areas of improvement. Additionally, lighting upgrades were proposed and analyzed as well as water reduction techniques. With the complete modeling of the focus study building, Pfizer staff are able to utilize this universal auditing process on any of the buildings they have on their campus where they see potential savings. Areas with most potential include laboratory single pass through air, hood sashes, and lighting in an effort to meet the goals of their corporate emissions reductions requirements that will be effective January 2023.