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Environmental Engineering
Team 5

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Sara Aldarondo
Esther Chang
Alex DaSilva

Timothy Vadas, Town of Stratford- Susmitha Attota, John Casey


Town of Stratford - Susmitha Attota & John Casey

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The Town of Stratford is interested in exploring the option of implementing Stormwater BMPs that require low maintenance and are drought resistant at 2 adjacent lots on 1000 Main Street. Our objective was to investigate three different types of BMPs that could be installed on the Frank DeLuca Parking Lot: Bioswales, Rain Gardens, and Pervious Pavement. The purpose of implementing these Stormwater BMPs is to mitigate the impacts of climate change in the town as well as provide treatment of the runoff that will be discharged into an inland wetland that is located on the property. Additionally this project seeks to reduce Directly Connected Impervious Areas, in furtherance of the Town’s MS4 permit goals. Public education about the Stormwater BMPs and plans for community involvement in the maintenance of the BMPs will also be included to make this project more comprehensive in meeting the town’s MS4 permit goals. The Town staff would like to use the designs developed by Engineering students to apply for grant funding with the Nature Conservancy and/or similar agencies and subsequently implement them.