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Environmental Engineering
Team 7

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Connor Campell
Tim Cannata
Chris Coon

Shinae Jang


Andrew P. White (Tighe & Bond)

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This project is located at the Mathews Park in Norwalk, CT which has four buildings on site. The Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum, the Cultural Alliance building, public restroom building, and Center for Contemporary Printmaking are connected to a 6” water main and meter pit which after an increase in residence time resulted in an increased layer of biofilm accumulation. The objectives of the project were to redesign the water main to meet current water usage, redesign the parking lot to include a truck turnaround and to utilize Best Management Practices to handle stormwater onsite. The water main was redesigned in accordance with the AWWA M22 Manual of Water Supply Practices. The parking lot for the Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum was redesigned using the ADA Parking Codes to include a hammerhead turnaround. A bioretention basin was designed to handle the stormwater from the parking lot. The project will allow for improved water quality to the buildings, along with increased accessibility to Lockwood Mathews Mansion. Finally, stormwater runoff from the parking lot will be treated via the bioretention basin to reduce peak flows and increase infiltration.