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Mechanical Engineering
Team 18

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Hunter Linfesty
Douglas Phan
Hongli Tao

Chih-Jen Sung


GE Power

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Our project for Senior Design is working with GE Power to retrofit an existing coal-fired boiler to increase overall plant efficiency. We are working with GE boiler engineers to design a new superheat radiant wall that will penetrate the existing furnace walls of the boiler. This new superheat radiant wall will be exposed to direct radiant heat from the fireball inside the existing boiler furnace, resulting in higher temperature working fluid and increased cycle efficiency. The structural integrity of the new superheat radiant wall is the most crucial part of the project if the retrofit is to succeed. This portion of the retrofit is the focus of our senior project. By implementing this retrofit, our team and GE Power engineers are confident that we can reap higher cycle efficiencies from the boilers without replacing them, which is significantly more expensive.