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Mechanical Engineering
Team 23

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Marieke Page
Syed Shahzaib Hussain
Logan Vidal

David Giblin


Hartford Steam Boiler

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Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) is a speciality insurer under the parent company Munich Re. HSB is the largest provider of equipment breakdown insurance and inspection services in North America. The goal of this project was to develop an Internet of Things (IOT) sensor array to monitor industrial working conditions of an AC motor. The project focus was to help HSB’s clients manage their risk profile of their AC motor run machinery by use of a non-intrusive and easy to install sensor array. Metrics monitored to achieve this include activation status, housing temperature, and vibrational state. The sensor array transmits the collected data using a LoRaWan protocol through a local gateway and into a cloud server. To test and validate the performance of the sensor array we designed a test rig that is used to mimic an industrial environment. We built a water loop system that could be used to induce a variable load on the motor, and is modifiable to simulate non-ideal motor mounting conditions.