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Mechanical Engineering
Team 28

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Bryan Nelson
Anthony Nucerino
Klajdi Sosoli

Tai-Hsi Fan


Lefty EQ, LLC.

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Lefty EQ is an innovative startup managed by Gabrielle Shoshan out of Princeton, New Jersey focused on developing products to combat everyday problems. Gabrielle’s love for dogs inspired her to seek the development of convenient pet stairs that support the needs of aging or injured pets. Through research she found that current designs for pet stairs are bulky, unappealing, heavy, or don’t collapse. For these reasons, ME28 was tasked with designing and fabricating a set of compact, foldable pet stairs. The stairs are required to hold up to 200 lbs and weigh between 5-10 lbs. The design needed to be lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and be visually appealing to the average consumer. ME28, in collaboration with a team of MSE students, came up with a unique way to fold the stair assembly from 16 inches wide to just 3 inches. This allows the pet stairs to easily be stored under a bed or in the trunk of a vehicle, without taking up much space. ME28 analyzed multiple materials to fabricate the steps out of, and tested different step designs in order to maximize strength and minimize weight. These stairs are designed to accommodate use by both small and large pets, with the increments between steps being optimized for both sizes. The forgiving surface on top of the steps also acts as a grip for the pet’s paws, and ensures that they are comfortable when using the stairs.