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Mechanical Engineering
Team 34

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Marco AgudoJ
Lauren Knapp
Jiayuan Shen

Tianfeng Lu


Naval Undersea Warfare Center

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The Naval Undersea Warfare Center is the U.S. Navy’s full-spectrum research, development, test and evaluation, engineering, and fleet support center for various naval structures and systems such as submarines and autonomous underwater systems. The ability to launch an object from an outer tube in an underwater environment continues to be of interest in the marine community. Such technology currently relies on an external power source to deploy an object. However, if an underwater vehicle loses power, it would not be able to launch objects that have the potential to save lives, such as an emergency beacon. This project involves developing, building, and testing a system that is able to launch a cylindrical body from an underwater launch tube utilizing an explodable volume without the need of an external power supply. CO2 cartridges were chosen as the means of explosion by utilizing the impulse generated from the sudden release of CO2 gas inside of the launch tube. This provides enough force to expel the cylindrical object from the tube. The prototype design consists of a vertical standing PVC tube with an attached regulator that controls the flow rate of CO2 gas. The cylindrical object rests at the bottom of the tube and is forced out by the gas. From this setup, it is possible to obtain the impulse force and exit velocity required to expel the cylindrical object from the tube.