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Mechanical Engineering
Team 41

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Nicholas Ayer
Leopoldo Moore
Omar Soliman

David Giblin


Pratt and Whitney

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Pratt and Whitney is the sponsoring company of this project, and they design, manufacture, and service aircraft engines both commercially and militarily. They are seeking out additional information regarding the comparison of a previous year’s data to better understand the relationship of bolt preload and damping. The primary objective of this project is to provide Pratt and Whitney with analytical design iterations rather than testing on physical materials which will save significant time and money. A test specimen was provided by the company, and various bolt preloads will be compared to riveted joint connections to aid in developing the required analytical model. As a result of creating a test matrix for the analytical model, it provided a deeper understanding to which bolt preloads were optimal due to running low to high frequency sweeps at several amplitude setpoints. By using the Half-Power Method and taking measurements of the frequency response, it became evident that the damping ratio decreased at higher frequencies as expected. In order to provide to Pratt and Whitney the developed model was accurate, ANSYS simulations were conducted to ensure validation, and therefore it was confirmed to be a working model.