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Mechanical Engineering
Team 47

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Lucas Farrell
Joseph Lee
Alec Schmidt

Baki Cetegen


Quantum Biopower

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In 2017, Quantum Biopower opened Connecticut’s first anaerobic digestion facility, which breaks down food waste to create biogas that is burned in a combustion engine to produce electrical power. During the heat of the summer months, the Aeration System in their facility overheats, in turn making the food waste digestion process significantly less efficient. In order to ensure proper performance year-round, ME Team 47 had been tasked with designing a method of cooling the Aeration System, namely a heat exchanger. It was decided that a spiral heat exchanger would be the most suitable device for this application since the spiral shape decreases clogging and fouling. The problem was then approached by determining the amount of heat that enters the system on the hottest possible day, factoring in various sources of heat such as radiation and conduction. This maximum amount of heat was calculated to be 146 KW. This value will be used to properly size a heat exchanger in order to prevent the system from overheating.