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Mechanical Engineering
Team 48

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Matthew Cone
Mason Freund
Dereck Li

Nejat Olgac


RBC Bearings Inc.

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RBC Bearings is an industrial ball bearing manufacturer that engineers bearing solutions for various systems in the industrial, aerospace, and defense markets. This project provides an approach to effectively predict the stress-strain structural behavior of a steel ball stud bearing. Obtaining the knowledge of this behavior through a simulation software will reduce the resources needed to repeatedly complete numerous physical tests. The results will allow RBC Bearings to accurately and precisely anticipate the ultimate and failure stresses of the bearings in their production. The final non-linear material behavior design has been verified by both analytical tests and physical tests in order to prove its repeatability. To achieve the completed design, the process had to include the stress-strain curve of the 4340 steel material, the physical test results, and the ANSYS simulation of the ball stud with contact surfaces and non-linear properties. The simulations combined the principles from tests using purely elastic properties with tests using plastic properties. The physical test result of failure loads determine that the ANSYS simulations are congruent. These calculations, designs, and simulations provide us the necessary data to predetermine the ultimate and fracture strengths of the bearing to a true relative error of 5% accuracy.