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Mechanical Engineering
Team 59

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Brent Avallone
Brittany Lydon
Isaac Talbot

Ying Li


Unisoft Medical Corp.

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This project was initiated by Unisoft Medical Corporation, a medical device company that created the Unisoft One, the first single patient use therapeutic support surface. Unisoft ONE was developed to prevent and treat pressure injuries and eliminate the risk of infectious disease acquisition from contaminated reusable or rented healthcare mattresses. While the current pump paired to the Unisoft Mattress still outperforms its competitors, it is not optimized. The project objectives were aimed at designing a more efficient pump which will not only inflate the mattress faster but will optimize pressure distribution for a multitude of different patients depending on size and weight. Research into multiple areas such as pumps, sensors, valves and controls was conducted. Various calculations of pressure output and losses were performed in order to create a theoretical model of the air flow through the mattress pump. A prototype smart pump system was designed and built with the ability to adjust the mattress to any weight and size input.