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Mechanical Engineering
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Stephen Price

Baki Cetegen


Mechanical Engineering

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In the Combustion and Gas Dynamics Laboratory, an array of complex combustion problems are studied experimentally to improve understanding of flame behavior. Flames are characterized by measurements of temperature, velocity, and some species composition using advanced laser diagnostic techniques such as Laser Rayleigh Scattering (LRS) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). The purpose of this Senior Design Project was to implement filtered LRS and combine it with PIV measurements. The use of iodine filtration is applied to a CO2 jet seeded with small H2O droplets. Tuning of the laser frequency is optimized to coincide with an absorption line of the iodine vapor. Next, PIV is performed with LRS imaging. The CO2 jet flow is then replaced with a bunsen burner with propane as the fuel, which is seeded with alumina particles. Combined filtered LRS and PIV diagnostics are applied to this flame with the resulting images being processed, and flame properties determined with the in-house developed data reduction techniques. The results are planned to be validated and an error analysis is performed.