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Management and Engineering for Manufacturing
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Garrett Choiniere
Lucas Kamakura
David Sandor
Ben Zekowski

Jiong Tang


Air Force Research Laboratory

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The use of carbon composites is growing rapidly in a variety of industries including aerospace and automotive manufacturing. Composite structures have the benefit of being extremely durable and lightweight. Our project, sponsored by Air Force Research Labs, focuses on a method of composite production referred to as vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM). This process, while effective, can result in an imperfect product with several possible defects. We are working to construct a testbed that will allow us to adjust certain production parameters in an effort to improve the process and ultimately the final composite product. An increased level of durability will benefit military operations through improved composite reliability. We are currently in the building phase of the test bed and hope to have a functional VARTM system within the next two weeks. Our data collection and analysis will follow shortly after successful construction. Our team will supply the final test bed analysis to the sponsor who will use the relevant information to improve carbon composite manufacturing. This senior design group is a part of a long term University run project with the same final objective.