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Management and Engineering for Manufacturing
Team 8

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Matthew Lombardo
Matt Pateiro
Marissa Thill

Craig Calvert, Frank Cunha, Jason Lee, Reverge Anselmo, Erika Sather


Reverge Anselmo and Erika Sather

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Public surfaces such as fast-food restaurant tables and airline tray tables are notorious for harboring high levels of germs and potentially contagious matter, and the maintenance of these spaces is unreliable. The goal of the Natrium product is to develop a container to hold and dispense biodegradable, antimicrobial personal sanitary barriers. In doing so, Natrium will provide an eco-friendly, effective, and non-obtrusive solution for people concerned about the safety of shared public surfaces. Currently, our group has finalized material selection of the barrier after performing rigorous material and chemical testing. We are working towards optimizing our barrier container design. We are directly testing and iterating our design based on ergonomics, aesthetics, manufacturability, and durability. Our team has not only been engineering through our given problem, but we are also constructing a well thought out business plan to navigate the Natrium product’s launch once it is completed. We have carefully made designs and material selections based on market research and we will be running thorough user testing to ensure this is a product that consumers will enjoy using.