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Materials Science and Engineering
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Elie Azoff-Slifstein
Eric Bissell
Andrew Levin

Mark Aindow


General Dynamics Electric Boat

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Duplex stainless steel (DSS), known for having desirable mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, has an increasingly important role in structural applications. Welding DSS via a flux core method provides ideal operability, but there is a concern over the toughness properties developed with this welding process. This project investigates flux core welded DSS samples that were fabricated using three electrodes with differing compositions. The goal is to develop a better understanding of what factors influence toughness, and to determine how these factors can be altered for optimized performance. This project combines skills learned in literature review, materials characterization, and data analysis that we have developed over the past few years. It involves the application of these methods to a real world material science problem.