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Materials Science and Engineering
Team 5

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Faculty Advisor

Alycia Cinquegrana
Bryan Nelson
Anthony Nucerino
Davey Rodziewicz
Megan Scott
Klajdi Sosoli

Jasna Jankovic UConn, Gabrielle Shoshan Lefty EQ, LLC


Lefty EQ, LLC; Gabrielle Shoshan

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The goal of this project is to create a collapsible set of pet stairs that will be effective for individuals that are living in confined spaces. In order to do this the stairs need to be lightweight, collapse down to a thickness of 3 inches, while still being tall enough to be used to get into a car or onto the bed or couch. This allows a level of convenience for the owner, while allowing the health of the dog to improve or be maintained. These stairs need to be mass manufactured in a cheap way so the overall cost is less than the stairs currently available for purchase. To do this a collapsible pet stair design must be developed and materials must be chosen in order to be successful. The materials chosen need to be able to support up to 300 pounds of weight. This is so any kind of dog should be able to use them safely. In order to choose the correct material mechanical testing will be done. This includes compression testing, hardness testing, three point bend testing, and DSC. This will be done to assess the material’s ability to hold the weight requirement under the conditions it will be in, as well as the material’s ability to withstand high temperatures. The stairs need to be able to withstand temperature changes and adverse weather conditions so that the owner can use them in the car, outside, or in the comfort of their home.