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Matthew Zujewski

Kiron Bhaskar Ashwin Dani Horea Ilies Randy Roberts Amy Thompson



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Otis’ design practices are document-based processes for system engineering which limit ability to timely and consistently track changes in system and component requirements, design architectures, use cases, component basic data, enabling analysis models and simulation tools, and verification results. Two focal areas at Otis to pursue in order to address these challenges are product and component platforming and Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE). The underlying principle is to move our product design data and engineering documentation into a digital enterprise that facilitates and promotes component rationalization to reuse while enabling product innovation. An example application where such MBSE processes could be applied is a design and optimization of a self-climbing elevator. Otis has piloted SysML in a few projects that has demonstrated its potential in connecting requirements, behavior, structure, and parametrics. The next step will be to develop a formal process and associated toolset to archive SysML objects into a reusable library to promote effective “catalog shopping” of existing Otis-developed components to reduce our product development time while supporting design innovations. The desired outcome is a SysML archival process to facilitate effective product design and demonstration of this MBSE process to the elevator design to verify its application.