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Mikayla Garcia

Patrick Hocking

Fawaz Mohsin

Patrick Kumavor, PhD.


UConn Biomedical Engineering Department

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A one-stop web platform for discovering and accessing social resources to increase utilization and improve population outcomes.

Find Better, with findbettr.

Digitilization is core to the success of any organization in the 21st century. Very quickly with a given search of any social resource (i.e. housing, daycare, etc.), it becomes apparent that many local resources for low-income communities have no online footprint. This makes it difficult for a significant proportion of the population to access or even hear about these resources, and many are missing out on core services that could improve quality of life. The findbettr web platform was designed to quickly enable community members to more easily access resources in a straightforward, optimized way.

The findbettr platform has two core functions aimed at being a one-stop shop for community resources. The first, a proprietary matching algorithm that filters and scores a person's demographic and needs assessment against local resources, triages and displays only the resources that a person is applicable for in order of their needs scoring. The second, the quickfind function, allows for metatag-based searching, with users accessing broader categories such as healthcare or education needs, or searching all resources relative to a specific demographic (a more brute-force approach). In both cases, users can view custom account pages with descriptions, contact information, and more.