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Gregg Salomon
Colt Nichols
Gavin Fennell
Dipesh Bhatt

Dr. Patrick D. Kumavor



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With Covid-19 becoming a worldwide pandemic and future threats in the form of harmful biological agents, there is a need for active filtration that inactivates/sterilizes air that does not currently exist.  Current technology does not provide the 99.999% inactivation/sterilization of virus/bacteria required to prevent spread of disease. Our student-run senior design project focused on developing an active UV-C light filter for use in PPE such as a personal protective mask for use by medical professionals and the public which meets or exceeds this threshold.  This internal UV-C filter provides the optimal wavelength for inactivation of virus particles in a manner which provides the required UV dosage and airflow to achieve this rate while maintaining the breathability and comfort for prolonged usage, especially by healthcare professionals who are subject to significant exposure to airborne viral load for extensive durations.  Design parameters also allow for active use for a significantly longer duration than that seen by the competition among the relatively new UV-C mask filter technology.  Finally, our unique design achieves this goal in a relatively simplistic design to minimize the technical challenge of production and assemble through the use of a simple subunit which can be easily expanded to meet a required increase in overall exposure or a decrease in power requirement.  With the tremendous impact that Covid-19 has had on all of our lives, we hope that targeting a significant and immediate need with a technical solution provides future relief to humankind.