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Kamau Russell
Juan Cruz
Carolyn Costa
Jeremiah Famor

Dr. Valla


UConn School of Engineering

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Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in the United States account for 28% of the country’s total emissions. The growing fuel and energy demand in the United States represents a challenge to the production of clean, renewable energy. Hydrogen gas connects clean energy produced in a plant, to usable energy in everyday life. The goal of this project is to propose a solution to the production of hydrogen gas through PEM electrolysis, a water-splitting method. Working through the constraints of supplying electricity to the electrolysis system, the team proposes fully renewable resources consisting of photovoltaic solar panels and offshore wind turbines. The project explores methods to maximize the efficiency of the renewable energy system and to re-use resources in order to obtain high amounts of hydrogen gas output. By incorporating innovation to push the efficiency of the system to the theoretical maximums, we will reduce the burden of energy requirements on our project’s infrastructure. The effects of climate change are long-lasting and with the hydrogen fuel cell proposal, carbon emissions will decrease. This project brings us a step closer to saving the planet from irreversible damage due to greenhouse gas emissions.