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Matteo Coletta
Jucar Lopes
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Richard Christenson



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WSP has been retained by the town of Canton, CT to perform a bridge replacement project for Bridge #023008. Our senior design group was tasked by WSP to complete a type-study report with different alternatives that could potentially be used to replace the current structure. The existing structure has a steel arch with a span length of 16’-4”, curb-to-curb roadway with 18.0’ and out-to-out width of 26’-3”. The type study will incorporate preliminary design of civil, environmental, hydraulics, and structure alternatives as required to complete the type study. The project will follow the latest state and federal codes/standards, including Connecticut Department of Transportation Bridge Design Manual and AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. The scope of the project will consist of two phases; investigation phase and type study development. The investigation phase will consist of gathering all required resources, such as, federal and local design standards and manuals relative to the completion of a structure type study. Our team will obtain an adequate understanding of the requirements to determine the best structure type depending on the location and geometry of the bridge. The type study development will consist of creating a structure type study with three alternatives to determine a preferred structure type relative to each of these alternatives. They are going to be carefully analyzed and we will have to take into consideration the dimensions, parameters, and quantities for each bridge alternative for the location and size of the bridge. The studies should also consider the safety, serviceability, maintainability, constructability, permit requirements, economics and aesthetics of the proposed structures. The type study will be presented in a professional format and incorporate preliminary structural analysis of the alternatives.