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Brian Lassy
Christian Mack
Enrique Cubillas
Ethan Hoffman

Dr. Alexandra Hain

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Civil Engineering Senior Design Group 20 has been tasked with the evaluation, selection, and completion of a type-study for the replacement of the superstructure of the Jordan Cove River Bridge in Waterford, CT. After the original concrete T-beam bridge, built in 1936, was deemed structurally deficient, CHA Consulting delivered a final design for a prestressed concrete bridge to the Town of Waterford in 2013. This senior design project focused on furnishing CHA with a type-study design of the same bridge using steel plate girders. The team provided an evaluation of environmental and social impacts for the bridge construction, including stormwater runoff, utility management, and road closure safety concerns. An in-depth design was conducted for the superstructure using design standards such as AASHTO, AISC, ACI, and the Connecticut Bridge Design Manual. The overall design process followed the Federal Highway Administration guidelines for a single-span steel girder bridge. Structural design software including SIMON and SPBeam were utilized for generating loading plans and designing the preliminary elements. These designs were then analyzed with hand calculations to provide a quality control check.  Modeling was finalized in AutoCAD, SketchUp, and SolidWorks for visual representations of the superstructure. The team employed management and budgeting techniques for the engineering design phase, developing a schedule that provided an accurate timetable for the entirety of the project.